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About the Yelins

Gravitating around Laurentz Lozano, mastermind and sensitive heart of The Yelins, this four piece band plunges us into the abyss of psychedelic rock that blends itself with finesse to the instant beauty of its pop melodies.

Through their startling image and electrifying stage presence, The Yelins know how to transport the audience into their own unique glitter filled universe infused with echoes from the 70s.

Our Events

Show dates

Date Venue City
11-06-2022 Bogen F Zurich - ZH
25-06-2022 Festival Métissages Bernex - GE
15-09-2022 Renée Bar Basel - BL
17-09-2022 Paillote Fetival Morges - VD
Show to come
Past show
Date Venue City
17-07-2021 Sommerbar Wohlen Wohlen - AG
20-08-2021 Plus Pti Festival Du Monde Estavannens - FR
Show to come
Past show
Date Venue City
06-02-2020 Festival Antigel Geneva (GE)
27-02-2020 Les Hivernales Nyon (VD)
31-07-2020 Buatsch Festival Tersnaus (GR)
18-09-2020 Refresh'stival - Le Zenith Château-d'Oex (VD)
02-10-2020 Helsinkiklub Zurich (ZH)
09-10-2020 Galvanik Zug (ZG)
Show to come
Past show
Date Venue City
26-04-2019 Galicia Bar Olten (SO)
27-04-2019 The Rockies Lausanne (VD)
17-05-2019 La Quairmesse Lugano (TI)
08-06-2019 Glucose Festival Riaz (FR)
09-06-2019 FIMU - Scène Corbis Belfort (FRANCE)
10-06-2019 FIMU - Scène République Belfort (FRANCE)
24-06-2019 Bäckeranlage Zurich (ZH)
27-06-2019 Red Pigs Festival Payerne (VD)
31-08-2019 L'Escale Genève (CH)
07-09-2019 Rock The Docks Zug (ZG)
28-09-2019 Duke's Lausanne (VD)
29-11-2019 Coq D'Or Olten (SO)
Show to come
Past show
Date Venue City
03-03-2018 BScene Festival Basel (BL)
19-03-2018 Rock The Pistes Festival Champery (VS)
24-03-2018 Rock The Pistes Festival Morgins (VS)
14-04-2018 Chat Noir Carouge (GE)
20-04-2018 La Case-a-Chocs Neuchatel (NE)
28-04-2018 New Pub Crans-Montana (VS)
04-05-2018 Duke's Bar Lausanne (VD)
12-05-2018 Backstage Pub Gland (VD)
18-05-2018 Entre Terre et Mer Rue (FR)
23-05-2018 Centre Fries Fribourg (FR)
24-05-2018 Le Terreau Geneva (GE)
21-06-2018 Fête de la Musique Lausanne (CH)
24-06-2018 Fete de la Musique Geneva (GE)
05-08-2018 Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux (VD)
13-09-2018 La Parenthèse Nyon (VD)
15-09-2018 L'Amalgame Yverdon (VD)
20-10-2018 Bar King Neuchatel (NE)
31-10-2018 Zelig Lausanne (VD)
30-11-2018 Le Terreau Geneva (GE)
Show to come
Past show
Date Venue City
13-05-2017 Bouffon de la taverne Geneva (GE)
19-05-2017 Point 11 Sion (VS)
23-06-2017 Manoir De Cologny Geneva (GE)
10-08-2017 Les Jeudis De Sciez Sciez (CH)
17-09-2017 Parc Geisendorf Geneva (GE)
22-12-2017 Champery Live Champery (VS)
Show to come
Past show

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